3 Reasons Not to Buy a Wig Off of the Internet

I love the Internet for many reasons: I can look up anything I need to know, it’s a great bad_hair_day-656x429way to stay in touch with special people that I’ve met throughout my life, and I can shop around to find exactly what I want. However, those reasons also have big downsides: you could be reading information that is made up (or get completely paranoid over minor medical conditions), social media allows some unpleasant acquaintances to “friend” you and comment on every single item you post and shopping on the Internet can be quite misleading.

And speaking of online shopping, I’ve recently spoken to several clients who have tried to save time and money through buying wigs and hair pieces online only to come into my shop to get the product they were really looking for. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t buy a wig online:

  1. What you see isn’t always what you get. – A picture may be worth a thousand words, but nothing speaks louder than when you can actually touch and see in person what a wig is truly like. It’s easy for online retailers to access photos from reputable wig makers and post them on their websites. However, when customers receive their orders, it doesn’t look or feel like what was promised.
  2. The value of a professional’s expertise. – Buying a wig can be a complicated process. Should you buy a human hair wig or synthetic? What type of wig cap is most comfortable for you? What type of wig best fits your lifestyle? How should you care for your wig? What style and color is most suited to your facial features? What if you want to change your style in the future? Look for a professional wig shop in your area to ensure that all of these important questions are answered before you make your purchase.
  3. You’ll need to try it on. – Like most people, I love the convenience of shopping at home via the Internet. However, there are a few things that I absolutely will not buy online because I’ve spent too much money on return shipping. Shoes, pants, and undergarments need to be tried on because their styles and size measurements vary too much between manufacturers (or even when brands update their products). I absolutely need to try these items on to ensure a great fit. The same is certainly true for wigs. You may love a chestnut brown bob, but there are so many factors that make each wig unique that trying it on is the only way of knowing that the fit, texture and color are right for you.

DSC_0128Many people turn to the Internet for wigs because they are either embarrassed to shop in store or they think that they can get a better deal. At Wig Works and Extensions for Hair Salon, we address both concerns. We have a vast selection of wigs and hair pieces that you can try on away from windows and where photography is prohibited. Moreover, when you purchase a wig from us, we cut and shape your wig for free to ensure that you have a custom hair piece that looks perfect on you. You won’t have to worry about return shipping fees, complicated refunds, or poor quality products at high prices. At Wig Works, our professionals will save you time and disappointment (and probably money) because we work with you to get the right wig the first time and every time! (And what Internet shop can promise you that!?)

About Janelle P.

I am proud to be one of the foremost hair loss specialists in the Bay Area with over thirty years experience in the field. At age 12 I began styling wigs for fashion and fun and assisted my mother after she established Wig Works in the early 1970’s. My passion for hair led me to Honolulu where I worked closely with legendary stylist Paul Mitchell. I had the honor to perform onstage platform hair styling with Mr. Mitchell, as well as legendaries Jean Braa, Zenon, and Alan Bush. I was also highly involved with the development and distribution of the Paul Mitchell line and later worked as a color representative for L’Oreal and stylist instructor for Matrix. I returned to the Bay Area and expanded Wig Works, with the establishment of Extensions for Hair. The revolutionary new hair extension method offered my clients with thin hair the opportunity to augment their style rather than relying on a wig or hair clip for length or fullness. These hair extensions are popular with women of all ages. Furthermore, I survived breast cancer twice and once lost all my hair from chemotherapy, so I have a unique perspective on special hair needs.
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  1. Brittney says:

    Wig works and extensions for hair salon, is my go to place for all things hair, Janelle, Renee, and Amanda always have me looking nothing less then amazing!! Love you guys

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