2016 Hair Trends: Which One Is Right for You?

One of my clients told me yesterday that her husband has had the same hairstyle for the past 30 years. She said that she was jealous of how easy he had it; he knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. We women on the other hand have it more difficult… we have to follow trends, purchase an arsenal of styling tools and spend at least twice as much time as our male counterparts to look good. I totally understand where she is coming from, but I had to respectfully disagree. Life is change and change can be so much fun! There’s something about a fresh haircut or experimenting with a new color that can reflect your evolving style, attitude and personality. So let’s look at a few new trends and have some fun considering how you might change things up this year!

  1. The Big Bang Theory – Bangs may come and bangs may go… and it looks like they’re a hit for 2016. The great thing about bangs is that there are a variety of cuts that can compliment your face shape. From blunt ones that kiss your eyelashes to side swept ones that give a softer vibe, there are a ton of choices out there. Not ready to make the commitment? There are also amazing clip-in bangs that blend in for a natural look.fall_winter_2015_2016_hair_color_trends3
  2. Delicious Truffles and Cinnamon – My love of fashion is only rivaled by my insane sweet tooth, and both came head-to-head on the runway this winter. Chocolate browns, rich cinnamons, and golden vanilla blondes reigned. The hues were rich but were also far from monochromatic. One to two shades lighter or darker than the base provided interest and complimented movement.
  3. Easy Up-Dos – On Facebook I am constantly seeing videos for complicated up dos fall_winter_2015_2016_hairstyle_trends_modern_French_twist1that take at least 50 bobby pins and just as many twists and turns to complete. This is in direct contrast to the hairstyles presented at fashion shows from sophisticated designers such as Michael Kors, Caroline Herrera, and Nicole Miller. Their models wore low ponytails tied at the base of their necks. Almost as simple were the messy French twists at Oscar de la Renta and Tom Ford. Their girls had their hair loosely pinned up with a few strands pulled out for a cool, bohemian vibe.
  4. Parting Ways – If you’re not a fan of bangs, you can still make a simple, updated change. 70’s style parts have been big for a long time now and still aren’t going anywhere. Want to be a bit more daring? Try a deep part that falls somewhere between the center to the outside edge of your eyebrow.
  5. What’s Old is New Again – Big bouffants and natural hippy waves of the 60’s, stick straight hair of the 70’s, crimped hair from the 80’s, grunge hair from the 90’s… all of these throwbacks were new again (fortunately 80’s big hair and the mullet were absent). Here’s a disclaimer though: I once heard someone say that, “If you wore a trend the first time around, you shouldn’t wear it the second time around.” I must say that I agree.

Some of the many stylish wigs that you can find at Wig Works and Extension for Hair Salon


Hair trends are fun and it gives us a creative outlet to look and feel our best. If you would like to try one of these inspiring ideas, the stylists at Wig Works and Extensions for Hair would love to help you find what works best for you. From a modern haircut to adding clip in bangs, extensions, or experimenting with wigs, we have all of the options you need to compliment your personality and lifestyle. Call us today!


About Janelle P.

I am proud to be one of the foremost hair loss specialists in the Bay Area with over thirty years experience in the field. At age 12 I began styling wigs for fashion and fun and assisted my mother after she established Wig Works in the early 1970’s. My passion for hair led me to Honolulu where I worked closely with legendary stylist Paul Mitchell. I had the honor to perform onstage platform hair styling with Mr. Mitchell, as well as legendaries Jean Braa, Zenon, and Alan Bush. I was also highly involved with the development and distribution of the Paul Mitchell line and later worked as a color representative for L’Oreal and stylist instructor for Matrix. I returned to the Bay Area and expanded Wig Works, with the establishment of Extensions for Hair. The revolutionary new hair extension method offered my clients with thin hair the opportunity to augment their style rather than relying on a wig or hair clip for length or fullness. These hair extensions are popular with women of all ages. Furthermore, I survived breast cancer twice and once lost all my hair from chemotherapy, so I have a unique perspective on special hair needs.
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