Top 10 Hair Secrets You Need to Know


Who doesn’t like a juicy secret? Here are some insider tips that you should know about concerning caring for your hair and looking your best.

1)    Bangs make you look younger, so skip the Botox (who likes needles anyway!?!) and make an appointment with your hairdresser. Bangs cover up those wrinkles that mar your forehead and look good on just about everybody.

2)    Healthy hair is about more than just glossy strands and bouncy locks. It all starts at the scalp. You probably are careful about shampooing and conditioning, but consider a scalp treatment like Moroccan Oil that nourishes your scalp when you massage it in a couple times a week. This stimulates blood flow and applies essential oils to prevent drying and promotes growth.


Some of the amazing products that you’ll find at Wig Works.


3)    Remember when Marcia Brady would sit in front of her mirror and brush her stick straight hair 100 times? Skip it. Over brushing causes breakage. Here’s tip 3 ½: brushing wet hair also causes breakage so pick up that comb instead.

4)    It’s a well-known beauty tip that you shouldn’t leave the house without sun block on your face, but did you know that your hair is also susceptible to damage from those harsh rays? There are several hair products out there that now provide protection. A hat or scarf also works great and can be super fashionable.

5)    And speaking of fun in the sun…. some experts recommend showering before you swim to preserve the health of your hair. They say that when your hair is already saturated with water, it is less likely it will absorb as much chemical-laden water.

6)    There have been a ton of updos on the runway lately. Fortunately, most of them have been styled with messy waves and loose braids (if your hair is consistently pulled back too tight, you risk having thinning hair). Here’s the tip: spray a little dry shampoo or hairspray on your bobby pins to keep them from slipping, especially if you have straight hair. (Tip 6 ½…And always put the wavy side down to grip the hair better; that’s actually how it was designed!)

7)    Your best hair days start in the shower. If the water is too hot, you’ll strip the natural oils that protect your hair. Also, if you live in an area with hard water or that has a lot of minerals in the water, that can also dry out your hair or weigh it down. You may want to consider a showerhead water filter.

8)    Flyaways are just not cute, but neither is slicked back hair that is so stiff and shiny that it looks like a helmet. Try spraying a little bit of hairspray onto a toothbrush to tame those strays without creating that crunchy look.

9)    Walking down the hair care aisle of a big box store can be overwhelming. There are bright colored bottles everywhere, prices that range from 99 cents to 15 dollars, and they have formulas for everything from dandruff to curls to volumizers. This is where your stylist comes in; ask him or her about your specific hair needs what products were designed for what God gave you. Salon products may cost a fraction more than grocery store brands, but you’ll also find that the results are worth the investment.

10) You don’t have to be born with great hair to have a great hair day. Today’s wigs and hair extensions look and feel real. Not everyone has the locks to make a full ponytail or maybe you just want to try clip in bangs before you make the commitment of chopping your hair. Salons like Wig Works and Extensions for Hair has a great variety of products to make your hair look amazing regardless of what you were born with!



About Janelle P.

I am proud to be one of the foremost hair loss specialists in the Bay Area with over thirty years experience in the field. At age 12 I began styling wigs for fashion and fun and assisted my mother after she established Wig Works in the early 1970’s. My passion for hair led me to Honolulu where I worked closely with legendary stylist Paul Mitchell. I had the honor to perform onstage platform hair styling with Mr. Mitchell, as well as legendaries Jean Braa, Zenon, and Alan Bush. I was also highly involved with the development and distribution of the Paul Mitchell line and later worked as a color representative for L’Oreal and stylist instructor for Matrix. I returned to the Bay Area and expanded Wig Works, with the establishment of Extensions for Hair. The revolutionary new hair extension method offered my clients with thin hair the opportunity to augment their style rather than relying on a wig or hair clip for length or fullness. These hair extensions are popular with women of all ages. Furthermore, I survived breast cancer twice and once lost all my hair from chemotherapy, so I have a unique perspective on special hair needs.
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